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What E-commerce websites are:

E-commerce websites are sites that facilitate business or commercial transactions involving the transfer of information over the Internet. Types of e-commerce sites include retail sites, auctions sites,  business-to-business services and financial management sites etc.  Notable examples of e-commerce sites are Amazon, eBay, iTunes, Zappos and Overstock.

E-commerce websites -

No one can see into the future, and yet by closely observing and analysing the technological advancements affecting the retail industry,  the result has come up with an informed set of predictions as to what the next 10 years of e-commerce will bring—some of which will genuinely surprise you, all of which you will want to prepare for in order to stay ahead of the curve.

We’re passionate about good design. It’s at the heart of everything we do.

Meanwhile, with multiple choices that our design team crafted, definitely you’ll  find your taste.

Mobile commerce:

E-commerce websitesTo clarify, all of our themes are fully responsive so your website and checkout are 100% mobile and tablet commerce ready, hence, you can manage your business from desktop, tablet or mobile with full control and perfect look on all devices.

Easily customisation:

Indeed, our unique management system allows you to easily customise your theme’s style to re brand as your own.

For example, change colours, fonts, sizes, logos and more.

Bespoke design:

Furthermore, We also provide a full bespoke design service.
Our design team will hand-craft a design for your website, that looks exactly how you want it to look.

Creating products:

  • Manage your entire product inventory through your account.
  • Also, upload unlimited numbers of images for each product.
  •  display crystal clear images to showcase your products and display an image roll-over zoom and/or image lightbox.
  • Organise products within categories and subcategories.
  • Use our free filter extension to add a faceted search to product listings.
  • And, assign products to brands and enable a search by brand feature.


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