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Custom websites made easy:

To further customise the style and enhance specific parts of your site, you can use our custom websites coding service.


Custom websites -

We highly appreciate your new ideas and ready to make them real, even after choosing a template we still can add your touch to it before hosting your site.

We know what we are doing and what is behind every line of code so you can fully trust us on keeping the same level of performance for your website or even improving it.

Custom websites -

So, how do we build custom websites  :

Single Page Application (SPA) And Components approach:

Custom websites - isitegateThe JavaScript platform AngularJs was designed by google developers as a solution for outstanding performance for websites using the (SPA) pattern.  The idea is to load all your files initially on the front page of the user device instead of downloading them from the server on every click or when navigating between pages.  Moreover, dividing the pages into small components that can load faster and without refreshing the whole page using  (AJAX) technique, this can give exceptional speed to your site and an amazing user experience to your customers.


And, how do we give it a custom design:

CSS frameworks:

Custom websites - isitegate.comCSS frameworks are software that meant to allow for easier, more standards-compliant web designs using the Cascading Style Sheets language.

At iSiteGate, we  have full control over the code and its design implementation. You can be sure that we can add some really great features  to your site in accordance with your agenda.



Uniqueness of your website is 100% guaranteed:

Default themes in most of frameworks are pretty much the same, so you would still need to create your own. With iSiteGate we can create unique theme for your project from the very beginning.


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